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Barrier-free search

The barrier-free search is aimed specifically at users of the Berlin Hospital Directory with limited eyesight and blind people.

The barrier-free search is optimized for use with a screen reader. The texts are designed to be read aloud. The areas are provided with marked headings so that the screen reader can easily jump from one area to the next. Interactive elements such as drop-down menus and dynamic tool tips are dispensed with.

The search results page is designed without tables and presents the hospitals found in a readable text form. The names of the hospitals are marked as headings so that the screen reader can jump from one hospital to the next. Up to ten hospitals are listed on the first page, one click leads to the next ten hospitals.

Tip: The barrier-free search is designed for use with a screen reader. If, on the other hand, you would like to search specifically for the features and services that hospitals can use without barriers, please go to the search for accessibility aspects.