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An overview of the search functions

The Berlin Hospital Directory offers you flexible options to find the right hospitals for you. On the start page you get an overview of the different search functions.

Simple search

With the simple search you can use the two search fields WHERE? and what? find the right hospital for you. In the WHERE? Search field, you have the option of doing a targeted search using the postcode, city or hospital name. In the WHAT? Search field you can also search for other parameters, e.g. B. clinical pictures, treatment, specialist department, equipment features.

Advanced Search

With the advanced search, you can combine different criteria and find exactly the hospitals in your area that match your requirements.

Body navigation

With the body navigation you can search for common diseases. To do this, click on a body part with the mouse. Body navigation offers separate body graphics for women, men and children. Find less common diseases and treatments using our guided search.

Structure search

With the structure search, you can search specifically for hospitals that meet certain criteria, i.e. have certain offers or facilities. With each click you refine the search result. Map search: With the map search, you can display the hospitals in the desired region on an enlarged map section by entering the postcode or move with the controls on the map. Move the map section with the mouse (click, hold, move).

Berlin Search

With the Berlin Search you can search for hospitals in Berlin and refine your search by guided selection of districts.

Accessible search

With the barrier-free search you can search for hospitals in Germany. The accessible search is aimed at people with different restrictions, e.g. B. Vision impairment. The search can be used with a screen reader. The sections of the barrier-free pages are provided with headings. So you can easily jump from one section to the next with the screen reader.

Accessibility criteria

By searching for accessibility criteria, you can view the accessibility aspects of hospitals. This search is a guided search and informs you about the hospitals' accessibility offers.

New search

By clicking on "New search" all search criteria you have selected so far are deleted and you can start a new search process.