Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie

Nursing expertise

Intensive care and anaesthesia (PQ04)
Diploma (PQ02)
Nursing care during operations (PQ08)
Management of a ward / area (PQ05)
Bobath (ZP02)
Basal stimulation (ZP01)
Fall management (ZP19)
Nutrition management (ZP06)
Pain management (ZP14)
Discharge management (ZP05)
Wound management (ZP16)
Pressure ulcer management (ZP18)
Diabetes (ZP03)
Quality management (ZP13)
Continence management (ZP09)
Kinaesthetics (ZP08)
Hygiene specialist (PQ13)
Hygiene officers in nursing care (PQ14)
Practical guide (PQ20)
Intermediate care (PQ22)
OP coordination / OP management (ZP27)