Klinik Bogen

Quality results

Treatment sector: Pacemaker revision / system change / explantation (HSMDEF-HSM-REV)

Designation Herzschrittmacher - Revision/Systemwechsel/Explantation
Shortcut 09/3
Number of cases 5
Documentation rate 120 %

Summary result:

In 3 of 3 quality characteristics, the quality objective was achieved.
No assessment is possible for any quality characteristic

Number of patients treated: 5

Quality objective achieved
Quality objective not achieved

The results in detail

Quality criterion
Hospital result
and target area
Quality objective
All information
So rarely did complications occur during repair, replacement or removal of a pacemaker (other than malfunction or displacement of probes: including wound infections)
Hospital: 0,00 %
Target area: at most 3,10 %
Quality objective achieved
Ratio of the actual number to the previously expected number of patients who died during their hospital stay (the individual risks of the patients were taken into account)
Hospital: 0,00
Target area: at most 7,25
Quality objective achieved
This is how rarely probes are displaced or malfunction occured during or after pacemaker replacement
Hospital: 0,00 %
Target area: at most 3,00 %
Quality objective achieved